When scrolling through the missed connections of Hudson Valley Craigslist there is a significant difference between m4w and w4m. The "women for men" section features much less creepier posts that its counterpart. Sometimes there are posts that break the mold.

There was a recent missed connection at Pawling B&T Bank where a woman saw and describes a man as "super hot." You can find her post here on craigslist.

Are you the man she noticed? She is requesting that this mysterious stranger describe her appearance in order to make contact. What do you think their next move should be? Meet up at the same bank and have their first date involve C.O.D. comparisons and share the free lollipops?

I've never found myself on a missed connections and I beg the question, have I ever missed one? It's hard to tell if someone likes you back so the safe way to approach is anonymously  post online and hope for a miracle.