Jane's Addiction singer and Lollapalooza creator Perry Farrell will release Kind Heaven, his first solo album since 2001, on June 7 and he's just shared "Pirate Punk Politician," the lead single.

There's the perfect blend of mid-'90s alternative driven by gyrating grooves and modern electronic-based elements that keeps the singer rooted in the current without forsaking crucial elements of his past.

Lyrically, Farrell said, "It is a protest song about the rise of autocratic strong men around the world."

Listen to the song here and see the album art below.

Look for an official music video for "Pirate Punk Politician" to come soon. Farrell tweeted a photo from the video shoot and said it includes free-form dancing and choreography.

Last year, the singer revealed his plans for the Kind Heaven immersive theater experience.

"As we know, [scenes] always are built around music," he said of the project. "Youth counterculture goes out to experience nightlife, listen to music, dance, socialize and in the last 50 years, since I’ve been alive, it’s gone from rock and roll to hair metal to metal to alternative or punk rock, disco, EDM and now bottle service and now what cause I’m not going out of my house now. I don’t want to go and pay $2,000 for a bottle of vodka. It’s not interesting. But if you told me, 'Come out, you can walk around and you have a chance to experience for the course of two hours, or two days if you want, every square inch of that building which is thought with kindness, excitement in mind...'"

Perry Farrell, Kind Heaven Artwork


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