A phone outage across the Mid-Hudson Valley caused major issues for local businesses, animal hospitals, and even police departments. Here's how to remain in contact while service is being restored.

Verizon Phone Outage in the Hudson Valley, NY

"The Town of Newburgh Police phone lines are currently inoperable", began a press release on Sunday. "The problem is being worked on by Verizon", they continued. Departments in Poughkeepsie, the town of New Windsor, and others also reported similar issues. They're not alone.


Local Businesses Affected by Phone Outage

Another agency that relies on an operable phone system, the Hopewell Animal Shelter, reported phone issues more recently on Monday. Local residents responded in the comments that their residential landline phones with Verizon were also out of service. Unfortunately, some cited one specific reason why it may take longer than expected to restore service.


Hudson Valley, NY Residents Respond to Phone Outage

"Just so everyone is aware, Verizon’s “outage" does NOT come up as an outage with them... Which sucks when you own a business that relies on phone calls for 70% of its clientele", posted a New Paltz resident. " I dropped them when I learned there is no one managing the station in Kingston. It’s apparently [only] checked once a day", alleged another.

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While the outage is being resolved, there are other modes of communication being suggested by different businesses. Crazy Bowls in Kingston, NY asked all customers to place their orders online. The Town of Newburgh Police instruct residents to " please utilize 911 or call State Police at 845-457-1388 until problem is rectified". 

UPDATE: as of 1:27 pm on Monday, the Village of Wappingers Falls police department's phone system is back in service, and the Town of Newburgh Police restored to service as of 6 pm. 

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