Police need help and warn counterfeit money is being passed across the Hudson Valley.

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On Tuesday, New York State Police announced troopers from Highland are investigating an incident that occurred on Sept. 14, at Tantillo’s Farm Market, 730 SR 208 in the town of Gardiner.

At approximately 3:36 p.m. a counterfeit 100-dollar bill, serial number LE09714562E was passed by the below-pictured female, police say.

The woman had tattoos on her right forearm, left arm and on her chest, that said “Ethan” in a circle.

The female was a passenger in the below-pictured black Cadillac that was operated by a black man with no front plate or identifiable markings, officials say.

The man driving the black Cadillac is known to pass counterfeit money in the village of Florida, Orange County, according to New York State Police.

This is a multi-jurisdictional investigation. The $100.00 bill with the serial number LE09714562E has been passed in Orange, Ulster and Dutchess counties, police say.

Below are photos of the man and woman police allege are passing fake money in the Hudson Valley.

Police: These Two Are Using Fake Money in Hudson Valley

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact New York State Police investigator Matthew Terwilliger at the state police barracks in Highland at 845-691-2922.

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