In a riotous twist on combating heart disease, the pint-sized powerhouses at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Brewster took an unconventional approach: they fought it with pies!

As part of the Kids Heart Challenge, these little heart heroes rallied together and raised an impressive $12,378 for the American Heart Association (AHA), a foundation dedicated to cardiovascular research and education. But here's the cherry on top – they did it by flinging pies at their physical education instructors!

Jennifer Purcell, Eric Buzzetto, and even brave student teacher Thomas Kress faced multiple pie attacks with unwavering resolve, sporting smiles that refused to be wiped away, even with whipped cream dripping down their faces.

Principal Frank Zamperlin couldn't contain his admiration, calling the fundraiser an "amazing pie-tastrophy" that proves even the youngest students can make a huge impact.

David Lamb Photography courtesy of KG+D Architects

Compassion Knows No Age

When asked about their pie-flinging antics, the kids were all in agreement: their mission was to help those with "sick hearts." Grace Curley and Jack Pavelitch led the charge, showing that compassion knows no age.

But this pie-fueled frenzy isn't a one-time deal – over the past nine years, these pie-slinging champs have raised a whopping $156,540! Now that's what I call "crustworthy" dedication.

Cara Donohoe from the American Heart Association couldn't resist joining the fun, commending the students for "putting their hearts (and pies) into the cause."

Who knew fighting heart disease could be so delectably entertaining? Hats (and whipped cream) off to these pie-slinging champions for making a serious impact, one pie at a time!