Pizza Hut is bringing back one of their most famous menu items and pizza lovers are getting pumped.

Nostalgia is usually something that you can feel but apparently it is something that you can taste as well. It seems like the generation that is most affected positively by the feelings of nostalgia are the kids who grew up in the 90's. People who grew up in that decade seems to want to relive every aspect of it. It seems like we never grew out of the toys, movies, music and now we even want the food back.

Dunkaroos famously made a comeback a couple of years ago.

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Pizza Hut announced that they are brining back one of their most popular pies.

The pizza looks amazing but what exactly sets the 'Big New Yorker' apart from other pies? According to Pizza Hut, it's a 16" pie that serves 6 extra large slices. The pie will reportedly return at the end of January.

There are still a few Pizza Hut locations in the Hudson Valley. There are still locations in Newburgh, Monroe, Middletown Montgomery and Nanuet.

Some people who remember the pizza are thrilled that it is making a comeback.

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