My snarky commentary on how to clear an outpost without being detected. There is no requirement to do it this way I just prefer the added challenge and makes game play more fun for me.

This video, I clear out Cleon's Wharf, a rather small outpost that wasn't too difficult to get through. This location required you kill the captain and loot one treasure to satisfy the completion of the location.

It's important to utilize your eagle Senu by pressing up on the D-pad. This will permanently tag your enemies and you can keep track of them since there is no HUD map to show their locations.

I do unnecessarily assassinate each enemy but that isn't necessary. To be honest, for an additional challenge I could try to ONLY assassinate the captain without killing anyone else.

My character is only level 35 and the in-game bounty hunters known as phylakes were drawing near. I decided to avoid them for now but will make another video on how to dispatch these would be assailants.