I've been playing Fallout 4 since it came out in the fall of 2015. The fact that I'm still going back to it for my final PS4 trophy is a true testament to how good of a game it is. The only frustrating part is that my OCD sometimes makes me a completionist. When I decided I was going to go for every PS4 trophy, I had no idea the level of grinding there was ahead of me.

Most of the trophies were reasonable and felt justifiable since it forced you to explore more of the game. But there is one trophy that is not difficult, but it's insanely time consuming. In the video I show you the final few minutes of how I achieved "Eyes on the Prize." A trophy that requires you to redeem 100,000 nuka-cade tickets.

Easier said than done. This took more hours than almost any other trophy I've gone for, but the reward...well, underwhelming but self gratifying.