In an attempt to recreate and online stunt, a Hudson Valley teen lit his finger on fire while covered in rubbing alcohol and nearly burned his house down in the process.

According to a press release, New York State Troopers from the Dover Plains barracks were dispatched to the scene in Millerton at 4:30 Thursday with reports of a structure fire.

The unnamed 15 year old had covered his finger in rubbing alcohol and lit it on fire while in the kitchen. He ended up transfering the flame to the actual bottle of rubbing alcohol when he began to panic and the bottle ended up exploding, spreading the fire around the kitchen.

At that point he took off to a nearby business and thankfully someone had a fire extinguisher and put out the flames. The teen in question was originally taken to Sharon Hospital, then Westchester Medical Center for additional treatment.

The bottom line is do not try this at home. We were going to post a video of kids attempting this stunt but don't want to encourage any idiocy.