A new local survey discovered that the majority of Americans have smoked weed.

The Marist/Yahoo poll found that 52 percent of Americans have tried marijuana at least one time in their lives. 22 percent says they actively use it.

Of the 52 percent of Americans who admitted they’ve tried marijuana, 65 percent are parents and 30 percent are parents with young children. 44 percent of those who have tried pot say they currently use it.

About 56 percent find the drug socially acceptable. Eight out of ten people support medical marijuana, but there is a divide over recreational use. About 50 percent support legalization while 47 percent oppose.

One in every five parent believes marijuana use is their top concern for their children. The leading worry, at 24 percent, is smoking cigarettes.

Almost half of those polled believe weed is addictive.

The Marist Poll, sponsored and funded in partnership with Yahoo News surveyed 1,122 people ages 18 and older during a week in early March.

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