One popular reality television star used to spend a lot of time and filmed in the Catskill area of the Hudson Valley.

I will argue with anyone over this, 'The Real Housewives' is one of the best franchises around hands down. The franchise highlights these beautiful, very rich ladies who were supposed to show what living a "normal life" is like, but what they show is extravagance times 10.  Let's be real we all wanted to be them and were all very envious of how they lived life.

Teresa Giudice from 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' has become one of the most controversial reality stars. Teresa is known for her big Jersey Girl glamour, being loud, extravagant, and having one of the craziest lives on the show. Teresa's has a long time feud with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga, she's flipped a table at fancy dinner, she's been to prison, been divorced, got remarried, wrote a few books and has been in some kind of argument with almost every cast member. I think that's the short version of her story...

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I always rewatch the 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' at least once a year, but this time I noticed there was a BIG Hudson Valley connection in one episode.

How is 'Real Housewife' Teresa Giudice connected to the Hudson Valley?

Talk about a throwback...way back in Season 3 and Episode 7 of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' called 'Teresa's Got a Gun', Teresa invited her friends Jacklyn Laurita , Caroline Manzo  and their families to spend some time at her ex-husband's family cabin in the Catskills. The cabin was beautiful (it even had its own chapel at the end of the road) and during the weekend every enjoyed going on quads, shooting guns, making pizzas and having lots and lots of wine.

Where is this infamous cabin located in the Catskills?

There's one part of the episode where all the ladies try to do some shopping downtown. You can tell it's very different compared to what they are used to, but as always they make the best of it and have fun. As I was watching the episode I was trying to figure out where exactly they were, but I don't know that area well so it was a bit tricky. The episode and the description of it never said specifically where, but there were rumors going around that they were in Hudson, NY

Some viewers wrote and said they recognized some of the stores the ladies stopped at and even chuckled when Teresa said, "You would swear you're in New York City". LOL

What happened to the Giudice cabin in the Catskills?

Sadly, tough times were ahead because later on Teresa and her then-husband Joe Giudice both served prison time and eventually divorced. No word on if the Giudice family still owns the cabin anymore or if anyone goes to stay there anymore.

So my question for anyone who lives in that area, do you know if the Giudice's still own that cabin? Did you see all the fabulous ladies in the Catskill area when they came to visit? Share all your answers with us on the station app:

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'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' is still on and going strong with a whole new fan base now. It's pretty cool that Teresa and the ladies visited the area here and enjoyed some time in the Hudson Valley.

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