There are many aspects of our daily lives, that we may have previously taken for granted, that drastically changed over the past year. Going out to your local movie theater with your friends or family to enjoy the latest flick is certainly one thing a lot people miss. Now, that might be changing. Could more Hudson Valley movie theaters be reopening soon?

As more vaccine sites are being set up across the country, and life slowly returns to the way it was, another bit of encouraging news was announced Tuesday. Regal Cinemas said that they're reopening 500 of their locations by April. As of now, the company has not announced exactly what theaters will reopen, but CNBC says that the select locations will reopen April 2. Capacity will depend on location, but CNBC says it will be anywhere from 25% to 50%. Guests will have to wear masks.

The move comes after Regal announced that they had shut down all remaining New York and California locations in November 2020, amid rising COVID-19 cases. Regal had previously reopened 11 sites across New York state just three weeks prior in October. Many had hoped that indoor cinemas would return during the state's Phase 4 reopening plan late last summer, but that too was pushed back. Once the warmer months were gone, and the outdoor drive-ins began closing for the season, many New Yorkers were left with few options.

It's been a long and grueling year for many theaters across the state and country, as Coronavirus and the subsequent shutdowns rendered the industry to a halt. Some major movie studios had even moved to releasing their films by streaming services. Would you feel comfortable going back to the theaters? Would it be worth it with so many restrictions? Or, perhaps you've grown quite content watching your favorite movies in your own living room? After all, the cost of going out to the theater is goten more and more ridiculous over the years anyway

Regal has Hudson Valley locations at the Poughkeepsie Galleria, Fishkill, Mohegan Lake, and in Nanuet.

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