Nick Ercoline and his wife Bobbi reside in Pine Bush, NY. When their relationship was in its infancy a relatively insignificant moment was captured by photographer Burk Uzzle. While this doesn’t sound too exciting I’ll increase the size of the picture and hopefully the payoff will validate the set-up.

The photo was taken in 1969 at Bethel, NY. If you’re still not following me then you should brush up on your music history. That was the setting for the original Woodstock Festival in which three days of Peace, Love & Music took place.

This photo was nothing more than a young couple embracing each other wrapped in a muddy blanket they had found on the ground earlier that weekend. Their lives were forever changed the day the Woodstock Album was released and their simple photo was the cover.

The couple and photographer are the focus of an in-depth profile in this month's Hudson Valley Magazine.