Rental electric scooters will finally be coming to New York City, after already being in other major cities for years.

Have you ever been to a city like Austin, TX, or maybe even closer, like Hoboken, NJ? If you've been recently, there's a good chance you've seen the rideshare scooters. These are the scooters that are available to rent like bikes are available to rent in major cities. You pay at a parking meter type thing, or with an app, and you can scoot to wherever you want, and leave it wherever you want. These scooters have never been available in New York City, until now.

Well maybe not now, but soon. According to Business Insider, rideshare scooters will be available in NYC in March 2021. The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) issued an "expression of interest request" in October of this year, asking for rideshare scooter companies to reach out. Sadly, the plans for scooters coming to New York City does not apply to Manhattan. This means Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island are the four boroughs that will have ride-sharing scooters. Business Insider reports that after companies have expressed interest in bringing their scooters to New York City, the NYC DOT will review and select which ones to go with.

I've used these scooters before in Dallas, TX and they were the most fun things in the world. However, I know people who live and commute in cities that have them. They say it's really frustrating and problematic how people just leave the scooters lying all around and don't always park them safely.

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