So, you have a dead animal on your road, is there anything that you can do about it? Or do you just need to attempt to ignore it?

Can you just ignore it or do you just have to deal with it until it slowly goes away?

Is there some way that you can report it to New York State? Maybe get it picked up?

Grey squirrel yawning

The first thing you need to recognize is what kind of a road is the dead animal on? If it is a private road, you really don't have any recourse. Private road means it's all up to you. Your road, your snow removal, and thus, your roadkill.

Is the roadkill on a "State" road?

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If the road that the animal is on is a state road, you can contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Will they do anything about it? Depends on the condition of the roadkill and if you think that it could be rabid. You can submit the info, and then the NYS DEC will determine if they will pick it up or not.

Is the road that the animal is on a town road or county road?

A wild mule deer watches ready to defend his mate in the woods of Wyoming

If it is a town or county road that has this unfortunate event on it, you can contact the town or the county and there is a chance that they will come to pick it up.

Who should you call first to get that roadkill cleaned up?

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Believe it or not, call the town first. If they have a crew in the area, this will more than likely take care of it and you won't need to smell it or see it any longer.

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