Rockers Anthrax have partnered up with an upstate New York brewery on their own craft beer, Butternuts Beer & Ale Brewery is brewing the custom Wardance.

According to the press release, it all happened as a result of a chance discussion with NYC bar owner Phil Casacelli of Daddy-O in the West Village. The band were in there one day and they mentioned how they'd love to have their own brand of beer. Casacelli picked up the phone and called Chuck Williamson of Butternuts who is a long time friend who happened to be a huge fan of the band.

The beer itself was originally announced in January but the wait is over. The first batch of Wardance is available now. It's a pale ale with 5.5% alcohol content. Maybe you should call your favorite beer store and see if that have it. If they don't, kindly suggest they get it so you can give it a try.

Remember when Anthrax and Public Enemy teamed up for Bring The Noise? That was awesome.