Every year we get excited to spread the word about one of the Hudson Valley's Dilliest Festivals, the Rosendale International Pickle Festival. Earlier this year we let you know it was back and hopefully you got to enjoy the festival when it happened in Rosendale back on October 16th, 2022.

This year they celebrated the 25th year of the festival and today they broke some very big news. Both the Rosendale International Pickle Festival and the Ulster County Fair shared that the Festival will have a new home in 2023.

Rosendale International Pickle Festival Change Location in 2023

Today the announcement was made that the festival will be moving to the Ulster County Fairgrounds. The reason given in the announcement was that the festival has outgrown its annual Pavillion. As with all breaking news, there are still more details to come but it seems that everyone on social media is pleased with the decision.

PC: Perry's Pickles via Facebook
PC: Perry's Pickles via Facebook

This is one festival that has grown in popularity over the year. You might not think you could build a big event around a little pickle but it is actually a big Dill! Yeah, I went there, but seriously pickles and all things pickled are popular.

Where to find Hudson Valley Pickles

I refer to pickles as free food. They are good for you and if you don't do too many crazy things to them they can be low in calories. I am a sucker for a good fried pickle with a sriracha dipping sauce. Probably not a low-calorie pickle dish but it's one of my favorites.

So as details about the 2023 festival unfold we will be sure to bring you updates. It is not clear if they will need to change the date, currently, it is a mid-October event. One thing is for sure with the festival being at the fairgrounds there is a lot more room for more pickles.

Need a pickle fix before next year's festival?

Hudson Valley Pickle Places

The Rosendale International Pickle Festival announced that they have outgrown their home in Rosendale and beginning in 2023 they will be holding the Festival at the Ulster County Fair Grounds in New Paltz, New York. We wanted to share some of the Hudson Valley's Dill-icious pickle places you can enjoy all year round.

Where to find a Steak Dinner in the Hudson Valley

Steak Dinner Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

Sometimes you just want to go out for a steak and there are so many great places to do that in the Hudson Valley. Check out this Hudson Valley Steak Restaurant Trail I put together for you. It will be delicious fun to work your way from Kingston to Rhinebeck then down to Beacon and over Newburgh then back up the road to New Paltz. Delicious steaks with mouthwatering sides await you at these wonderful Hudson Valley restaurants that serve steak.