Movies just don’t take place in the present day — you’ll find plenty that are either set in the past or in the future. Period pieces have the distinct advantage of a historical record, so they can better emulate the time in which the story takes place. But science fiction films that take place in the future don’t have the luxury of history books or photographs to draw from. Rather, the filmmakers have to get creative and build a vision of the future that feels removed from current everyday life, but still believable enough to exist within the realm of possibility.

As it turns out, humans envisioned much different outcomes for the future of civilization than we’re currently experiencing now — and these movies are proof. Why is that? Because the “future” depicted on screen has already come to pass. We may not have flying cars, but we do have self-driving ones. Technology has made leaps and bounds, just not in all the ways someone from a previous era might expect. That being said, you’ll notice a few key similarities between these films’ projections of the world of tomorrow and what ended up transpiring in real life. Who knows which elements of today’s future-set movies will end up coming true in the decades to come?

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While the following films may have seemed futuristic when they were first released, the people of the future (us) can see the errors in their predictions. Believe it or not, these famous science fiction movies now officially take place in the past.

Futuristic Sci-Fi Movies That Are Now Set In The Past

When these sci-fi movies came out, they offered predictions for the future of society — years later, they're officially set in the past.

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