It looks like the ball may not be the only thing dropping as the Hudson Valley celebrates the start of 2022.

So far, December has been a bust when it comes to snow. While that may be good news for some, those who've been wishing for a white Christmas appear to be out of luck this year.

Instead of snow, much of the Hudson Valley has experienced unseasonably warm weather and heavy rainstorms. During the first week of December, forecasters were predicting a "significant" snowfall that was expected to generate up to a half-foot of snow. Of course, that never happened. But now, a new forecast is hinting that we may finally see some snow, just in time to ring in the new year.

The Weather Channel is predicting a storm to bring up to three inches of snow in some areas of the Hudson Valley after Christmas. Right now, a weather pattern is shaping up to dump some snow throughout the region. However, just exactly when that snow will fall seems to be up in the air. The Weather Channel is currently showing two possible dates for snow to fall in the Hudson Valley.

On Tuesday, December 28 a front could dump up to three inches of snow in areas to the North, including Kingston, Red Hook, Monticello and Ellenville. While other areas may not see any significant snow from this storm, another system headed through the Hudson Valley on New Year's Day appears to bring a bigger chance of snow for everyone.

The forecast seems to be toggling back and forth between snow and rain right now, but if it turns into a full snow event, many areas could see upwards of three inches of snow on New Year's Day into January 2. Of course, it's too early to tell for sure but those who are longing for snow will surely be crossing their fingers on New Year's Eve, hoping to see some of the white stuff fall as we kick off 2022.

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