With weeks one and two in the books, our attention turns to Mahoney's for the next stop on Simon's Hudson Valley Happy Hour Tour.

We came out of the gate swinging in week one with a stop at AJ Café in Wappingers. They had their Euthanasia hot wing eating challenge going on and we gave away Incubus tickets.

Fast forward to last Friday, we made the trip to New Paltz and Oasis and we had a ton of fun. Oasis is usually more of a late night stop, but we had a great turn out and yes, we gave away more Incubus tickets.

Our next adventure calls for a stop at Mahoney's before the Pick Your Ax Party Friday night. I'll be doing my show live 4-7, with the Incubus tickets given away at 6:30. At that point, we turn off the broadcast and give away autographed guitars from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and Blink 182.

Keep in mind, just for coming out to each stop on the tour, you can instantly qualify for backstage passes to meet the band.