By now you may have heard that the legendary Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has been recited by rap royalty Kanye West. On New Years Eve the track 'Only One' "dropped" which features McCartney's keyboard. Now this may not sound like an amazing feat but it's not the collaboration that drew me to this story (although it was a major part of it) but rather the reactions of 'Ye's fans....I of course had to share!

  • “Who tf is paul mccartney???!??! this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists,”
  • “I don’t know who Paul McCartney is, but Kanye is going to give this man a career w/ this new song!!”
  •  “Who is this Paul McCartney???? He boutta blow up thanks to Kanye!!!”

And of course they go on and one but I can only handle so much before I want to smash my head through a wall. Either way it looks like this is not the last we've heard from the Beatle and Kanye...rumor has it another tune also featuring Rihanna and Ty Dolla $ign will also "drop" soon. I know I can speak for all of us when I say we wait with baited breath! Until then please enjoy the musical stylings below of Kanye West featuring that McCartney guy!