There is rampant speculation that Smashing Pumpkins will be releasing new music and hitting the road this year with a lineup that includes Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin and Jeff Schroeder. However, among those four, there is not a clearly defined bassist for the group. With much discussion on the matter after a shot of the foursome partaking in a photo session surfaced, the members of the group had a little fun with all the speculation.

In an Instagram post, Billy Corgan stated, "According to some reports (based on photos taken or leaked) I am now a bassist. I mean, yes, I have played bass on many of your fave songs but I'm not sure I can play bass AND sing at the same time? But perhaps I can try *someday*."

He continued, "Other reports have Jeff Schroeder (who just celebrated a birthday) as a budding bassist. Which is interesting, because though Jeff doesn't mind plucking at 4 strings if needed I know he would much prefer the dulcet tones of 6 (but I have heard him confess that 7 strings is just 'too much'). James Iha on the other hand, well, I haven't seen him pick up a bass since Machina (which he played a fair share on, despite reports claiming a certain 'flaxen Saxxon' did; and as you know with much that is written is patently f-a-l-s-e)."

"Which brings me back to my time in the hills of Topanga, dressed in a long coat, staring out into the ocean dreaming of a future not yet realized," the frontman continued, stating, "Wisdom here dictates that I share something I have said many times as of late, which is: be here now, live in the present. There truly is no past (but that which lives in your mind), and the future too is but a dream. So kindly, truly, embrace the life you are living TODAY Which reminds me of a song that I also played bass on... #WPC #becarefulwhatyouwishfor"

Schroeder also appeared to be amused by the speculation, offering a photo of a bass instructional book called "Slap It" on his Instagram account.

Time will tell what Smashing Pumpkins plans for 2018 do include, but for now the buzz continues to grow.

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