After months of speculation we may have finally figured out the amazing smell while we're cruising up and down the Dutchess County Rail Trail.

Cookies are the last thing you want to smell when you're exercising but it is something that many trail goers have reported smelling while working out on the Dutchess Rail Trail.

More and more people have started to hit up outdoor trails since March. The temporary closing of gyms has forced many people in the Hudson Valley to get outside for their exercise. Even as the cold weather approaches the trails still seem to be packed with runners, hikers, cyclists and people just looking to get out of the house.

The Dutchess County Rail Trail appears to be busier than ever. The larger volume on the trail has caused more to question the amazing smell of sugar cookies at a specific point on the trail.

If you were wondering what that delicious smell was behind the woods of the Dutchess Rail Trail in Hopewell Junction we may have finally solved the mystery. I have been running on trail and had noticed the smell since  March but this past weekend I noticed that someone had finally put out a sign to let people know who is responsible. According to the sign, the smell is the result of a Sprout Creek Bakery just yards behind it.


What are your feelings about the smell? A few trail users who may be dieting find the smell distracting but most people love it. I'm constantly working out and if I can't eat cinnamon rolls I at least like to smell them.


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