South Park has been a Comedy Central staple for over 20 years. Its aggressive social satire has had audiences laughing since the shows humble beginnings. The show's lack of limitations keeps it current and nothing is safe, not even technology.

I watched the episode with my dog Duggar. I chuckled when something sparked my interest and Duggar would give me a confused look before letting out a sigh and continued with his napping, he's real good at that. If I owned a Google Alexa, my experience would have been much different.

The episode featured this wonderment of modern day technology as the young animated characters order it to say words not appropriate for most audiences. "Alexa, please add (insert slang term for a reproductive organ here) to my shopping list." This went on for quite some time as 4th grade boys would be entertained by this for hours.

After the episode, social media posts lit up with people saying the show turned on their Alexa devices and it began reciting what the show ordered it to do. I don't know if that was the creators intent, but it is a hilarious side effect of this long running show.