"I always feel like, somebody's watching me..."

Imagine driving down the road and out of the corner of your eye, you spot a tree with giant googly eyes and a smiley face looking back at you.

Hudson Valley residents found just that, as a number of decorative tree stumps have popped up across the area in various locations.

Photo Credit: Frank Blackmon
Photo Credit: Frank Blackmon

According to a post in "The Hudson Valley in pictures" facebook group, locals have found the happy trees mostly in Orange County, citing places like Orrs Mills Rd in Salisbury Mills, 747 in Newburgh, Old Minisink Trail and Scotchtown in Goshen, and in the area of Rt. 218 and 207.

With all the crazy that exists in the world today, isn't it nice to just see something silly like this to put a smile on your face?  Commenters on the thread in the facebook group shared similar thoughts, citing the decor as fun, silly, and a nice way to spread some happiness - do you agree?

Have you spotted any tree faces around the Hudson Valley, if so, where about?  Share your photos with us!