One grocery store near the Hudson Valley has teamed up with an insurance company to help reimburse you if you accidentally ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

I guess insurance underwriters are calculating how likely it will be that that a bunch of newbies screw up turkey's this holiday season. I'm not offended by it one bit as this might be an option for me as my chances of ruining Thanksgiving dinner this year will be roughly 90% if I'm in charge. Every year at Thanksgiving dinner with my family we always have an amazing spread of food but I am never trusted to bring anything important like the mashed potatoes or green bean casserole. I especially would never be trusted something as coveted as the turkey. I'm usually tasked with brining the soda and even then I'll usually get that wrong. Come on, ho doesn't love Dr. Thunder?

I've never cooked a turkey before in my life but this might be the year out of necessity. With gatherings in New York being limited to 10 people and the travel advisory still in place I may not be able to see my family this Thanksgiving.

According to USA Today, Whole Foods has partnered with Progressive Insurance to try to save you from some potential heartbreak this Thanksgiving. If purchase your holiday bird from Whole Foods and accidentally ruin it you could still qualify for reimbursement in the form of a $35.00 gift card. To qualify you must be approved. There are terms and conditions.

You can get all of the details here. You would need to submit evidence of your turkey fail within two days after Thanksgiving.

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