Oh man, don't you hate it when one of your go-to places makes a change? What are they thinking? Are they going to ruin the one thing that you like to order all of the time? Yikes.

This is my thinking when I hear that Subway Sandwich Shoppes is making a change in how they prepare their sandwiches. What are they doing? How will it affect what you order from them all the time? Will this make you try them after years of overlooking them?  Here is what they are doing:

What big change is Subway Sandwich Shoppes making?

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The change (depending on what you think) could be considered a good one. The Subway home office announced that they will add a giant piece of equipment to all of their stores, with the plan to roll out this equipment over the next few months. The equipment, you might be surprised to know wasn't already in the Subway Stores, a meat slicer. 

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How will this change effect your favorite Subway Sandwich?

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Currently all of the meats for Subway sandwiches are sliced in their 'food factories' and then the pre-sliced meats and other items are then shipped to each store as they require. The slicers will allow each store to slice the items to order, thus allowing for less food waste and fresher product for those who order sliced meats on their sandwich.

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This change is the latest in a series of changes that Subway has been making to its stores, based on customer feedback. What is your favorite Subway sandwich?

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