The Hudson Valley business announced that they will be closing for spring break, but they will be reopening in May.

It's been tough for Hudson Valley businesses over the past few years. Everything is pretty expensive to maintain and it's exhausting to try to keep and find good help, literally exhausting. Many businesses and their staff have been through a lot and they all deserve some much earned time off.

What business will be closing down for spring break and opening back up in May?

The Western Inn & Restaurant has been part of the Sullivan County Community for a while now actually if we are going to specific it's been around since 1852. It also is now listed on the National Historic Register. There are ten guest rooms that people can stay at and there's a fabulous restaurant where people can dine at.

The Western Inn & Restaurant recently put up a Facebook post that said they will be closing for spring break, but don't worry because they will be opening back up in May. The post also thanked all of the locals for their support and gave a shout out to their hardworking staff who "who need a deserved break".

Important side note: the hotel is still open and you can call for spring specials and retreats.

It's very refreshing to see a business really care about their workers and give them some time off without it being requested. I'm sure all the locals will be ready to head back in and will enjoy seeing everyone again in May. Enjoy your time off, you've all earned it.

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