Deuce Teaches You The Fundamentals! [VIDEO]
I think after dropping this video to Marist and this video unveiling my assistant coach, it's time to show the kind of coaching ability I'd bring to the Red Foxes men's basketball team. This time we talk fundamentals.
Deuce’s First Assistant Coach!
After yesterday's video about why I should be head coach of the Marist men's basketball team got so much attention, I knew I had to up the ante. So I've started putting together my team of coaches. Here's the first.
Choose #CoachDeuce
As I've said many times, I've been a basketball fan for my entire life. I watch it constantly, I tweet about it incessantly, I dream about it.
So, now that Marist's men's basketball head coach Jeff Bower has resigned in order to take a position with the Detroit Pistons, I've …

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