Donate Your Old Winter Clothes To Those In Need
It's cold out there and we tend to forget how expensive coats can be. As the Hudson Valley hits freezing cold temperatures we should make sure our neighbors are warm. If you know anyone who is in need of a winter coat be sure to go Cafeteria of the Family Partnership Center on 29 N. Hamilton St…
Local Coffee Shop Helping Hurricane Relief
The Hudson Valley is making a local connection this weekend with the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.You can help make a difference for victims of the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico right here locally in Poughkeepsie.
Union Vale Light Display Will Benefit Fallen NYPD Officers
If you live in the Hudson Valley odd's are you've heard of the spectacular light display that draws thousands of visitors every year to the small town of Union Vale. The ERDAJT Christmas light display operated by the Gay family has over 600-thousand lights, has earned multiple Guinness Wor…