Family Guy

A 'Family Guy' Christmas Miracle: Look Who's Back to Life
By: Kevin Fitzpartick
December fools! Following weeks of return speculation after 'Family Guy' killed off one of its most iconic characters, going as far as to replace him in the opening credits, Sunday night's "Christmas Guy" saw a yuletide miracle return the character to life, after all.…
Bring Brian Back?
A follow up to a post that we put up yesterday.
So many people were shocked that "Family Guy" killed off a beloved character, Brian the Dog, that a few of those who were in mourning have started a
Who Died on 'Family Guy' Last Night?
This morning Deuce and I were talking about the shocking Family Guy plot twist.  If you missed it, read ahead...
While 'The Simpsons' made waves earlier this year in promising to kill off one of its ancillary characters, 'Family Guy' had promised even more this past summer in threatening to kill off …