What Makes This Child's Grave the Strangest in NY?
New York is filled with so much history that everyone seems to know about. There's nothing more fascinating than finding out about a small little mystery tucked away in the woods. This child's grave and the story behind it is so unique.
Presidents After Dark: Lincoln’s Log NSFW
Just in time for President's Day we have a brand new series for you. The sixteenth president's life was pretty well documented. There's been countless books and movies about Lincoln's life. He's even fought vampires for crying out loud. What you may not know and what you cer…
NY School Finds Washington’s Hair, Will We Clone Him?
Just in time for Presidents Day we may have found a lock of our founding father's hair. Could there really have been a lock of George Washington's hair at this upstate New York college for over 200 years?
Though George Washington was from Virginia it's no secret that he has strong tie…