Got LEGOS? Donation Drive Underway
Parents of the Hudson Valley, rejoice with me. Here's an opportunity for us to get rid of some stray LEGO pieces from the house, and donate them for a pretty great cause.
New Lego’s To Celebrate ‘Golden Girls’?
The people have voted! Will it happen? Will Blanche get her own Lego?
Someone break out the celebratory cheesecake as Lego is considering creating a "Golden Girls" playset.  A fan's prototype of the show got the attention of the company...
Netflix For Legos?
Do you get tired of seeing the same Lego toys at your house? Do you think that it would be great if you just didn’t have to play with the same Legos again? That you would love to be able to change it up, maybe play with a few more buildings or new “Lego People&CloseCurlyDoubleQ…