Week 2: Additional Resources for Education at Home
These times are HARD, it is ok to feel that way and you certainly aren't alone in this. In addition to the educational side of the house, we need to get creative in just keeping the kiddos occupied at home, am I right?
Social Distancing Simon Says – Oh Yes
You have to get creative these days when it comes to social distancing and having kids at home. So, a megaphone and a step ladder to the rescue for safe distance Simon Says.
At Home Schooling Resources for Caregivers
While it's important to keep some sort of structure in routines for the kids/school aged children, it just isn't realistic in some scenarios, so we're all trying to figure this out as best we can. Why not rely on one another to provide suggestions and resources to keep the learning g…
Rant: Kids and Valentine’s
I’m going to sound really old for a minute here - what has happened to simple Valentine’s Day celebrations? I remember the pressure of picking out the perfect box of cards and hand selecting who in the class would get which specific one, because that was important bac…

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