Time to Sacrifice My Social Life to the PS4
Well, it's here. The first sign that my every waking moment is about to be overtaken by my Playstation.
That's right: the first trailer for the new Madden game.
I would take the time to write my family and friends a nice, thought-out explanation as to how much I will miss them during this ti…
Gamers: Watch your mouths!
Things get heated when you play video games with your friends online. I know I've said one or two questionable things (per minute) during a life-or-death game of Madden. A nice, heavy burst of profanity is not only satisfying, but that steam release is probably the only reason I haven't Ba…
PS4: Blue Ring of Death!
It's only been out since Friday, but its fatal flaw has been discovered. Video game aficionados know all about XBOX 360's "Red Ring of Death" -- the flashing red lights that meant your beloved console had just turned into the world's most expensive cinderblock