Foos Rock Queen Cover
Just another reason to love the Foo Fighters...they rock on the fly! This wasn't another planned guest appearance on the Foo's concert schedule...this was an impromptu jam session! Frontman Dave Grohl can be heard in the introduction explaining how Ratt‘s Bobby Blotzer came to be behind the kit this weekend at he 32nd Annual Love Ride in Castaic, California...
Video Time-Warp Episode #9: SR-71 – “Right Now”
This song was everywhere in the summer of 2000. It was inescapable. And, like our first Video Time-Warp, this jam was featured on the soundtrack to the forgettable Jason Biggs/Mena Suvari vehicle Loser in the same year. So, the premise to video about this song about someone who is in a dysfunctional relationship is apparently that the band is getting mobbed by the LaDiEs~* And how could they not,