French Fries of the Hudson Valley
The website Delish came out with the most popular French Fries in each state. New York was more than disappointing, and I know for a fact the Hudson Valley has some great options.
Happy 500th Anniversary of the German Beer Purity Laws!
If you're a beer nerd, culture nerd, food nerd, Germany nerd or nerd nerd, you know about Reinheitsgebot. It's one of the oldest food mandates on the planet--if not the oldest--and it's had a profound impact on the world of beer, as it dictated the ingredients of beer in Ger…
The 12 Beers of Christmas
Deuce and Brandi have teamed up with Schatzi's Pub in Poughkeepsie to bring you the best of the seasonal beers--it's the 12 Beers of Christmas!