theory of a deadman

Theory of a Deadman Get in the Ring With Fozzy
Two of my favorite things...rock music and wrestling have come together!!! Thats right just announced that Theory of a Deadman' be jumping into the ring with a wrestling star as the group wraps up their tour (you remember they stopped but the Chance a few months ago and rocked the house promoting th…
Theory of a Deadman Release ‘Drown’ Music Video
Theory of a Deadman is back in a big way. The bands new single 'Drown' has been rocking the radio waves and now has a new music video to go with it. Frontman Tyler Connolly says,
“‘Drown’ is about being alone, the feeling of being washed away and l…
Theory of a Deadman at WRRV
Theory Of A Deadman visited the WRRV Studios yesterday (5/8) to talk about the new album and the NHL hockey playoffs. This was the 4th time over the years that I've had a chance to interview them. Great guys!
Here you can check out the new Theory Of A Deadman single Drown:

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