90% of Kids Don't Know What This Retired Piece of Tech Is
It's hard to believe that millennials are actually getting older. We've got to make way for an entirely new generation to drive us crazy. recently posted a survey where they tested a 6-18 year old kids on how well they knew different items from the '90s.

Local Red Lobster to Sell Lobster and Waffle Meal?
It's the combination you didn't know you needed or wanted but it's here nonetheless. There's nothing like a cheddar bay biscuit from Red Lobster. Heck, they even sell the biscuit mix they taste so good. Red Lobster is now taking it one step further.
Weird New York: Little Merrit's Tomb
New York is filled with so much history that everyone seems to know about. There's nothing more fascinating than finding out about a small little mystery tucked away in the woods. This child's grave and the story behind it is so unique.

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