Intriguing Video Captures Multiple UFO’s Over Utica
Do little green men exist?  Is it possible that we are not the only life-form in existence?  You may or may not know this about me, but almost daily, I go down a rabbit hole searching for the latest UFO videos or any information regarding more declassified UFO stuff from the Pentagon.  General...
‘Im Done, I’m Dead': MA Diver Says He Was Swallowed By Whale
Wait, what?  Now this is one whale of a story! A Massachusetts lobster diver says he was trapped inside the mouth of a whale on Friday morning for over :30 seconds in a harrowing experience in which he thought he was going to die. Luckily, the humpback whale who swallowed the man wasn't all that interested in eating him, spitting him out after coming up to the surface.  He...
Police Say Adirondack Cabin Was Rigged to Explode When Owners Entered
Imagine trying to get in the front door to your home, car, or in this case a hunting cabin, only to learn that someone had rigged it to explode upon opening.  Something like this would be terrifying at the least, catastrophic - or perhaps even deadly - at the worst.  But that's what happened when the owners of an Adirondack cabin tried get inside.  As a result, one Rotterdam man has been arrested,