East Coast Winter Storm Brings Spike in Online Dating
A lot of Hudson Valley residents are looking for a more intimate way to avoid frost bite. Lonely people are looking for warm bodies. Is that a coincidence or just basic human survival instincts?

It's just after the holidays which can be a lonely time fora lot of us. Does the weather have any…
Craigslist; Could Vintage Lawn Chairs Make You Think of Summer?
So the weather has turned a bit colder, and you are already longing for summer? Have faith that you are not alone. There are a few people who are also thinking about warmer weather.
Picture this. You sitting in your back yard on these lawn chairs in the middle of a snow covered yard...
Winter Tourists May Cause Issues For The Hudson Valley
Living in New York has its pros and cons that you have to weight out. Ultimately, living in New York can be a great experience but just when you thought that there were a lot of tourists here for the apples just wait until they get here for the slopes.

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