Are New York Women The Sexiest in the Country?
New York women do have a certain sexiness about them but where does that feeling come from?

It seems like a weird question but what is "sexy?" If I had a time machine and if I went back in time ten years ago to ask myself that question I would have given an answer solely on a woman'…
Introducing Doritos, For Her
Frito-Lay has announced that the company may need to redesign Nacho Cheese Doritos to cater more to women's eating habits. We decided to see if we could beat her to it.
Scientists Think The 'Man Flu' is Definitely a Thing
Ladies, have you ever noticed that every time a man gets sick he acts like it's the end of the world? Though he's probably exaggerating a little bit, there may be some scientific evidence behind his feelings so don't be too quick to judge.