It can be very frustrating when you're trying to get dinner in the Hudson Valley.

The worst feeling is when you're starving, you can't pick a place where to eat and then when you finally do you find out that the place is closed. This has happened a bunch of times to me lately and it can throw you for a loop.

To me, Tuesdays seems like a prime day for money in the restaurant business, You're still in the beginning of a new week, but between sports practices and more it's also prime for people wanting take-out. However, that is not really the case here in the Hudson Valley.

Why are a lot of restaurants closed on Tuesdays in the Hudson Valley?

A lot of times it's for financial reasons. Tuesdays can still be pretty slow and it can cost more money to keep the restaurant open compared to closing it down for the day.

I reached out to a local chef in the Hudson Valley and he said,

"A lot of restaurants are family run and they can't take a day off on the weekend so they pick a Monday or Tuesday for a rest day when it's less busy and less customers usually come in."

Makes a little more sense now. So before you plan on a certain restaurant for dinner, double check they are open on.a Tuesday.

If it is a Tuesday and you're stuck on what to do, there's a really cool restaurant that's open right in Walden, NY and they have some awesome dishes for you to try. I have talked with the staff before and they are very friendly and eager to take care of you. The PBC Cafe in Walden is a place you should check out and get some food from.

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Also, huge props to anyone who owns a restaurant or works in a restaurant in the Hudson Valley. I can only imagine what you must deal with and you're hard work is surely noticed around here.

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