As the firework blasts and the resulting complaints continue to mount up across the city and the rest of the area, this is one of the stranger stories to emerge. This one not only involves fireworks, but dead alligators..

The NYC Sheriff’s Office said that ten people in Staten Island were arrested and charged in connection with multiple counts of trafficking illegal fireworks and transporting three dead alligators. Needless to say, the alligators caught officials by surprise.

Reptiles, such as alligators and snakes, are often illegally smuggled into the country and sold to local dealers. In August 2018, an Allegany, NY man faced charges after officials found over three hundred reptiles, including three king cobras, in his home.

Illegal fireworks have been going off almost nonstop in many parts of New York the past week or so. We've heard serious stories about children being hurt in their own homes, buildings catching fire, and even a horrific story of a homeless man being hit with fireworks.

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