Today, May 6th, kicks off Teacher Appreciation week.  While several of us parents of youngsters will be scrambling around to put the finishing touches on handmade goodies to bring into school (I'm not alone here, right?), let's take a minute to think back on the teachers that had an impact (positive or negative) on us.

It will probably be no surprise to you that I was quite a nerd growing up, never skipping school and typically sitting front and center in class (yep, one of those).  I'll never forget the ONLY time my mom got a call from a teacher, who told her that "Val smiles too much in class and she has to be conspiring with one of the other students about something" - legit, 16 year old Val with the conspiracies in high school math class.  Shout out to Mr. O. at John Jay High School, you are appreciated!

Shout out to my sister, Mrs. F. who has been teaching for quite some time, I don't know how you do it, sis!

Props to my college professors At SUNY New Paltz who helped me figure out this thing called radio and the wild world of media, and especially the ones who made fun of me for always showing up to 8am classes #supernerd.

BIG shout out to my daughter's teachers at her school, for putting up with a ton of 3-4 year olds day in and day out, I appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

Shout out your Hudson Valley teachers here, or share your best teacher related stories too :)