Have a beautiful tree in your yard? The City of Newburgh really wants it.

While it's only November, Christmas will be here before you know it. The most famous Christmas tree in the country, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, has already been chosen. Now, the next major Christmas tree: the City of Newburgh Christmas Tree.

According to the City of Newburgh website, the City of Newburgh Department of Public Works (DPW) has sought out a Christmas tree that originates from the city limits for over 30 years. The tree is displayed on Lower Broadway, right outside of City Hall. This year, the tradition isn't stopping due to COVID-19.

The City of Newburgh is looking for a Blue Spruce tree that is at least 35 feet tall for its annual Christmas tree. The tree must originate from within the city limits. This also includes the towns of New Windsor, Town of Newburgh, and Marlboro. It will be cut, transported, and decorated. Like the past 30+ years, it will be displayed on Lower Broadway outside of City Hall.

While COVID-19 isn't changing the tradition of getting a tree, the annual tree lighting will not be held with a live audience. There will be a virtual ceremony that will be live-streamed on social media. The City of Newburgh encourages everyone to stay home and celebrate the tree while staying warm.

If you think you have a potential tree, the City of Newburgh asks that you contact Eliana Diaz, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, at (845) 569-7301 or ediaz@cityofnewburgh-ny.gov.

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