When is the last time you changed out the pillows on your bed? That's what I thought, odds are they probably need to be replaced.

I've learned in my life that there are certain products you should spend more on than others. For me, spending extra money on a mattress and pillows is well worth the money. We depend on our beds and pillows to erase the worries of the day and help us get some much need time to reset. But how often are you supposed to change out those pillows that you love so much?

For starters, I absolutely love my pillows, but l understand that I need to let go and get new ones every once and a while. I recently purchased new pillows, and it had been like three or fours years, and even though we washed the pillows, it was time to change them out as they lost their spunk. We went to the store and for me to replace the pillows I had, which I love, it was $40 per pillow, but it's totally worth it, so I did not hesitate.

Going through made me think though, how often are you supposed to change out your pillows? I know you should get a new mattress after about eight years or so, but what about pillows? A quick search told me that you should change out your pillows every 1-2 years. That seems quick, just saying.

It makes sense though, our pillows collect all the dirt sweat, make-up, dirt, dust, dust mites, and more while we sleep. Pretty gross when you think about it, but it makes you think about when the last time you changed out your pillows. Some pillows have more longevity, but it seems the maximum amount of time is about four years.

Is it time to replace your pillows?

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