The Hudson Valley has drastically changed through the years. Traveling back in time to see how most of our fast-food restaurants have transformed is like riding in a time machine.

Do you remember when McDonald's in Kingston used to have a play area for kids? Does the old Taco Bell architecture in Fishkill bring back delicious memories? Can you even recognize some of these old fast food buildings in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Newburgh, Middletown and other Hudson Valley locations without their fancy modern upgrades?

Check out these side-by-side comparisons of the Hudson Valley's most iconic fast-food restaurants from back in the day. How many do you remember?

Then And Now: How Fast Food Restaurants in The Hudson Valley Have Changed

While many of your favorite Hudson Valley fast-food restaurants have remained in the same spot for decades, their buildings are almost unrecognizable from what they used to look like.

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