In wake of all the controversy over this past pro football season, there was one thing missing from this past Sunday's big game. Not one single NFL player took a knee during the National Anthem which was beautifully sung by P!nk. She took the traditional route for this football ritual as did all of the players.

There is internet speculation that the NFL wanted these two non-protesting teams in the Super Bowl. While there is no real evidence to support this theory it has gained some traction on social media. With a little searching you can find various videos sharing what may or not be facts about the powers that be in the NFL.

I refuse to except any of this as truth, but I do keep it in the back of my mind as a possibility. I'll always watch The Super Bowl but there's is only one factor that decides whether I watch the regular season or not. If the Giants are playing well, I watch. If not, I tend to forget when the game is on. We don't have to talk about how they did this year, some things are best left forgotten.