Do you have any idea what was found hiding underneath this shutter?

Over the years we have shared numerous stories with pictures asking if anyone might be able to help in identifying what animal/thing was featured in the picture. Most times the pictures we've shared have been of some sort of cat, wolf, or fox type of animal. Normally after we share the pictures someone responds within minutes to correctly identify what's featured in the picture. It worked many times so let's try it one more time!


What is This "Thing"?

I came across the "thing" in the picture above on a Facebook friends page last week and after looking at it I really had no idea what I was looking at. According to her post, she snapped the picture of her "friend" as he was hiding out underneath one of the shutters in her house. She didn't specify in her post if the picture was taken in New York or not but according to her page, she lives in the Hudson Valley so this "thing" could be lurking in the area...LOL!

Her post said,

"My resident toad in my bedroom shutter."

At first look a toad isn't what I saw, kind of looks like a bat maybe...LOL!!! According to some of the comments left on her page it might NOT be a toad and could possibly be extremely dangerous!!

One commenter said that it might be a "Cuban Treefrog" which has me thinking it might not be something we would normally see in the Hudson Valley, as they are normally found in warmer areas of the U.S. like Florida. The Cuban tree frogs originally come from Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, and are Caribbean frogs according to NBC 4, so finding one in the Hudson Valley is uncommon.


Take a good look at the picture above, can you figure out what it is?

Cuban Tree Frog are Dangerous, Right?

If it is in fact a Cuban tree frog it has been said over the years that they are poisonous and dangerous for pets but some wildlife experts disagree. Wildlife expert Ron Magill told NBC 4 that they do not pose a danger to pets. "They really aren’t that dangerous. Now most frogs have some toxic substance on their skin, but it’s more of a toxic substance if you get it in your eyes or the mucus membrane."

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What to do if You Find a Cuban Tree Frog

Magill told NBC that if you do find a frog like this and want to get rid of it humanely,

"basically put on a pair of rubber gloves, you catch the frogs and you go get a suntan type of screen or Orajel which has the chemical benzocaine, you just rub a little of that gel on the back of the frog, put it in a plastic bag and in about 10 to 15 minutes it goes into a complete coma and it’s like anesthesia for the frog and then you can put it in the freezer overnight and that will humanely euthanize it and get rid of it."

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